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How To Make a Tricky Facebook Comment/Conversation Private

Make_a_Tricky_Facebook_Comment_PrivateHow do we turn a tricky Facebook comment/conversation on our Business Page into a private message?

One way is to respond to the comment with a message instead of a comment (reply).  It’s beautiful because it makes the conversation private (kind of like taking it offline) but lets others know that it is being handled (not ignored or deleted).

How do we do this? 

Instead of clicking ‘reply’ to a comment, we can choose to click on ‘message’ instead. It’s an option right beside the ‘reply’…

What happens then? A message session is opened between us and the person who commented… We love that the message will include a link to the original comment for reference.

And to make it even better, the public comment will show a note that our business has responded privately. We know that sometimes other customers are watching to see how we handle things and we want them to know the comment/request was handled.

We don’t always want to do this of course. If we think it can be handled online, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to show the world who we are as a brand (including the fact that we are professional, reasonable and great with customer service…)

Good luck with the next comment best dealt with privately!

Use Trending Emoji To Gain Brand Awareness

Every now and then, special emoji are released through Twitter Hashtags to group conversations around seasonal or highlight events. Businesses can use this to obtain organic brand awareness.

aria emojiWhat is a trending hashtag emoji?

It is when Twitter automatically adds an emoji to a tweet when a particular hashtag is used. For example, the Australian Aria Awards did this in November last year using #ARIAs to generate a cute emoji ARIA Awards trophy.

Once the event is over, the emoji disappears. We were able to grab this tweet captured from November last year:

tweet with aria emoji

australia day emoji pic

How can you jump on board in 2016?

Stay tuned for special events in your country. For example, Twitter Australia has unveiled its new Australia Day emoji, ahead of celebrations on January 26.

Here is what the emoji looks like in an actual tweet in real time, right now:

australia day tweet

How do these tweets help your business with brand awareness?

Many tv programs, blogs and other platforms will generate lists of all tweets using particular hashtags – especially ones with special emoji. Your tweet can appear in these lists if you join in the conversation by adding the relevant hashtag to your tweet. This gives the potential for millions of eyeballs to see your business logo on television without paying a cent.

A big tip is to try and be creative with your tweet rather than sell something. The goal of this activity is brand awareness. Your tweet has a higher chance of being highlighted and shared if it is creative and adds genuine value or sentiment to the seasonal conversation around an event. For example:

australia day tweet


3 Content Marketing Tips For Instagram

1. #Hashtags seem to attract more interest on Instagram than other platforms

Hashtags seem to attract ‘likes’ on Instagram in a way that they do not on most other platforms. Using a hashtag on Facebook or Twitter may never place your brand in a list or a public conversation unless you strike it lucky. However, it’s #parforthecourse on Instagram and you’ll be surprised at the attention it can bring.

It is also not out of place to include a large number of hashtags on Instagram either. A long list on Facebook can appear out of context, even awkward. Two or three can be used to provide a great logic link for the content but they’re rarely used for their actual purpose (to aggregate content by hyperlinking similar topics). On Instagram, however, a long list is not out of place and can attract a good number of ‘random’ interest from non-followers who follow certain topics.

2. Leverage the relationship between Facebook and Instagram

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook Page and then pushing posts to this page when publishing them on Instagram seems to give favour to the content in terms of organic reach. We all know that Facebook owns Instagram so it makes sense. Beware of the longevity of this advice however, as any advice about the famous ‘algorithms’ employed by Facebook will soon be out of date as things can change overnight. For the moment, we notice a distinct favouring toward content uploaded in this manner so we recommend it.

Do not apply this principle to Twitter. Pushing Instagram posts to Twitter is inadvisable as the actual image is reduced to a link. It looks ugly on Twitter and like any ‘third party’ publishing tool, runs the risk of being punished by platforms that want to encourage you to be actually on the platform.

3. Make use of Instagram advertising

The Facebook Ads Manager has recently added Instagram advertising into its platform. This is great news for Australia who were not given access to Instagram advertising until well after it was released in other countries. We can celebrate that that is here now through our Facebook accounts and further relax that we don’t need to learn a new platform or create a separate account!

Top Business Social Media Marketing Priority 2016

top_business_social_media_marketing_priorityWhile are there are many valuable activities to do on social media for business and organisations, the single most important priority for 2016 is to take control of your Google+ profile (and associated business listing and YouTube channel).

Once you have branded your business on the two most powerful search engines in the world (G+ and YouTube), regular content is required to let Google know that you mean business – excuse the pun.

This content must rotate around the keywords that are important to your business. (Use the Google AdWords tool to discover the keywords with the most traffic and lowest competition for your services). When you create this kind of content, the keywords must be expressed in a genuine piece of dialogue so that Google knows you are not trying to ‘game it’ and that you’re not a spam bot. Try and genuinely add value to your customers through content that will enrich their lives through your brand.

Images as at January 2016 tend to bring the most views, clicks and engagement from searches, however, website links in their native form are also essential.