What's Included In Our Real Estate Marketing Service?

Features of our real estate service

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We've already covered how our real estate marketing service helps you attract new vendors in this post so now it's time to look at what our service includes and what it all means. 

Featured Listings

Timeline Posts With Chat

We feature your listings on your social media pages. But they're not standard posts. We add a conversational layer directly onto the posts.

When a person taps on the post or types a comment, a one-to-one chat window automatically opens (think Messenger, Instagram DMs pop ups etc). 

The conversations that result from this type of marketing are your gold. They're responsible for creating greater buzz on your vendors' listings, higher engagement on the posts themselves, great reach for your advertising and more intelligent target audiences over time.

Sneak Peeks

The best results are usually achieved when we release pre-market content before listings are released to the general public. These types of "sneak peeks" or "coming soon" posts mean that your social media followers get the benefit of early and exclusive information not available anywhere else.

Each post provides code words for serious leads to type as comments which then draws them into one-to-one conversations with your page to get their "early information". It's always such a thrill to see buyers pile onto the posts, typing their keywords as comments and then engage with the brand in a one-to-one conversation.

Full Releases

Once listings are fully released to the public, we run promotions which draw people into conversation with your agent for different reasons. People might engage with these posts by commenting on the post with a codeword to easily request an inspection, see current inspection options or request more information by email. 

Opportunities For Deeper Engagement

Once people are engaged with your agent or office page in a one-to-one conversation, they can go on and search for more listings or request an appraisal for their own home - all with the tap of a few buttons.

Failing to add this layer of conversation on top of your posts means that people tend to just scroll on to the next post in their feed. So you don't only miss the buyer lead, you also miss finding out if they're a seller.

Download Real Estate Marketing Brochure

Optional Email Follow Up Service

When people request more information by email about a featured listing, you can optionally request us to send the email for you. We will send these emails for you once your listing has been fully released to the public via your CRM so that we can include your listing web page URL and / or a marketing brochure URL - again - similar to what you'd send yourselves.

Featured Listings Dark Ads

If you have a high volume of listings, we promote some of your featured listings as "dark ads" rather than publish every single listing on your social pages. This is a crucial strategy to mitigate the negative consequences of publishing too much content on your timelines.

Don't Get Blocked by your Best Leads

Dark ads are still shown to people in their news feeds but they're not published on your pages. We do this because many people unsubscribe to pages that "bombard" them with timeline posts. They'll unsubscribe to your pages or even block your brand altogether from advertising to them.

Protect Your Reach and Ad Spend Costs

The devastating effect of publishing too much content on your pages is that brands can never reach those people again on social media. Not only can this mistake reduce your audience size, it will also drive advertising prices higher which means you reach less people overall with the same spend.

Crucial Strategy for High Volume a Office

We help you avoid this rookie mistake by spreading the load between your social pages and "dark ads" that run without being published on your timelines. Dark ads send traffic to your website and they can be shown in even more places than your posts can. 

So if you're a high volume office, "dark ads" make sure all of your important listings can be featured in their own right and in the best way possible.

Optional Carousel Ads

If you don't want to feature all of your listings in their own right, we can optionally promote a summary of your top properties from your website in a carousel ad format.

These ads appear as a "carousel" with ten (10) listings per ad set. They don't appear on your timeline but they do appear in people's social media feeds similar to "dark ads". 

When people click on a listing in any of these summary carousels, they're taken directly to that listing on your website. Each time a person lands on your website, they are added to your "pixel" website audience to be retargeted later.

Your ad spend can be significantly lower with these ads because the same daily budget can be shared between 10 listings.

Carousel ads are an elegant solution to ensure that all of your listings get some publicity even if you don't want to feature them all in their own right as featured listings. They're a great way to know that ALL your listings are promoted.

Office Content - Spotlights and Coaching

If you want an office page that looks great but your agents are running their own social media pages, then you may not want to duplicate all of their featured listings on your office page. If this is the case, we help out with a strategy that makes your office page look great while avoiding direct duplication of your featured listings.

Weekly Spotlights

We achieve this by publishing "listing spotlights" on your office page.

Spotlights are a weekly selection of your best "for sale" and "for lease" properties chosen directly from your recent website listings. These posts send traffic to your website and are designed to put your business in the best light. They can be optionally promoted to keep your office page healthy.

Additional Community Content - Coaching

We also provide coaching to your internal team on how to create additional content from the ground that represents your values and highlights your team and your community. Getting these posts right will make a world of difference to how your office page is seen by your community.

Final Note

Ownership of Data

We will always provide you with the details of your leads (email address, phone number, last message etc...) whether or not we send the emails for you. This way, you always control and own this information in a Google Sheet.

Even if you choose our email automation service, you still own your data. We simply include a note in your Google Sheet that the email has already been sent so you don't need to follow it up!

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