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How To Make a Tricky Facebook Comment/Conversation Private

Make_a_Tricky_Facebook_Comment_PrivateHow do we turn a tricky Facebook comment/conversation on our Business Page into a private message?

One way is to respond to the comment with a message instead of a comment (reply).  It’s beautiful because it makes the conversation private (kind of like taking it offline) but lets others know that it is being handled (not ignored or deleted).

How do we do this? 

Instead of clicking ‘reply’ to a comment, we can choose to click on ‘message’ instead. It’s an option right beside the ‘reply’…

What happens then? A message session is opened between us and the person who commented… We love that the message will include a link to the original comment for reference.

And to make it even better, the public comment will show a note that our business has responded privately. We know that sometimes other customers are watching to see how we handle things and we want them to know the comment/request was handled.

We don’t always want to do this of course. If we think it can be handled online, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to show the world who we are as a brand (including the fact that we are professional, reasonable and great with customer service…)

Good luck with the next comment best dealt with privately!