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Top Business Social Media Marketing Priority 2016

top_business_social_media_marketing_priorityWhile are there are many valuable activities to do on social media for business and organisations, the single most important priority for 2016 is to take control of your Google+ profile (and associated business listing and YouTube channel).

Once you have branded your business on the two most powerful search engines in the world (G+ and YouTube), regular content is required to let Google know that you mean business – excuse the pun.

This content must rotate around the keywords that are important to your business. (Use the Google AdWords tool to discover the keywords¬†with the most traffic and lowest competition for your services). When you create this kind of content, the keywords¬†must be expressed in a genuine piece of dialogue so that Google knows you are not trying to ‘game it’ and that you’re not a spam bot. Try and genuinely add value to your customers through content that will enrich their lives through your brand.

Images as at January 2016 tend to bring the most views, clicks and engagement from searches, however, website links in their native form are also essential.