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3 Content Marketing Tips For Instagram

1. #Hashtags seem to attract more interest on Instagram than other platforms

Hashtags seem to attract ‘likes’ on Instagram in a way that they do not on most other platforms. Using a hashtag on Facebook or Twitter may never place your brand in a list or a public conversation unless you strike it lucky. However, it’s #parforthecourse on Instagram and you’ll be surprised at the attention it can bring.

It is also not out of place to include a large number of hashtags on Instagram either. A long list on Facebook can appear out of context, even awkward. Two or three can be used to provide a great logic link for the content but they’re rarely used for their actual purpose (to aggregate content by hyperlinking similar topics). On Instagram, however, a long list is not out of place and can attract a good number of ‘random’ interest from non-followers who follow certain topics.

2. Leverage the relationship between Facebook and Instagram

Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook Page and then pushing posts to this page when publishing them on Instagram seems to give favour to the content in terms of organic reach. We all know that Facebook owns Instagram so it makes sense. Beware of the longevity of this advice however, as any advice about the famous ‘algorithms’ employed by Facebook will soon be out of date as things can change overnight. For the moment, we notice a distinct favouring toward content uploaded in this manner so we recommend it.

Do not apply this principle to Twitter. Pushing Instagram posts to Twitter is inadvisable as the actual image is reduced to a link. It looks ugly on Twitter and like any ‘third party’ publishing tool, runs the risk of being punished by platforms that want to encourage you to be actually on the platform.

3. Make use of Instagram advertising

The Facebook Ads Manager has recently added Instagram advertising into its platform. This is great news for Australia who were not given access to Instagram advertising until well after it was released in other countries. We can celebrate that that is here now through our Facebook accounts and further relax that we don’t need to learn a new platform or create a separate account!