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Use Trending Emoji To Gain Brand Awareness

Every now and then, special emoji are released through Twitter Hashtags to group conversations around seasonal or highlight events. Businesses can use this to obtain organic brand awareness.

aria emojiWhat is a trending hashtag emoji?

It is when Twitter automatically adds an emoji to a tweet when a particular hashtag is used. For example, the Australian Aria Awards did this in November last year using #ARIAs to generate a cute emoji ARIA Awards trophy.

Once the event is over, the emoji disappears. We were able to grab this tweet captured from November last year:

tweet with aria emoji

australia day emoji pic

How can you jump on board in 2016?

Stay tuned for special events in your country. For example, Twitter Australia has unveiled its new Australia Day emoji, ahead of celebrations on January 26.

Here is what the emoji looks like in an actual tweet in real time, right now:

australia day tweet

How do these tweets help your business with brand awareness?

Many tv programs, blogs and other platforms will generate lists of all tweets using particular hashtags – especially ones with special emoji. Your tweet can appear in these lists if you join in the conversation by adding the relevant hashtag to your tweet. This gives the potential for millions of eyeballs to see your business logo on television without paying a cent.

A big tip is to try and be creative with your tweet rather than sell something. The goal of this activity is brand awareness. Your tweet has a higher chance of being highlighted and shared if it is creative and adds genuine value or sentiment to the seasonal conversation around an event. For example:

australia day tweet