Why High Volume Offices Should Include "Dark Ads" In Strategy

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If you're a high performing real estate office that has a high volume of listings every month, it's best to promote some of your listings as "dark ads" rather than promote every featured listing on your social media timelines.

Dark Ads send traffic to your website instead of to a chat conversation and they're a crucial strategy for a high volume office.


People may block or unsubscribe to pages that "bombard" them with too many timeline posts because they can be shown the organic and paid versions of your listings which can be overwhelming.

We help you avoid this rookie mistake of "page blocking" by spreading the load between dark ads and timeline posts. They're still shown to social media audiences but they're not published on your page itself.

Dark ads can be shown in even more places than timeline posts so each ad type has its own pros and cons. An advanced strategy for offices with a high volume of listings will use a combination of both ad types. This means that you get the best of both worlds - all the benefits of chat marketing for timeline posts along side the important objective of increasing website traffic as well.

The point is, run both types of ads and each lifts the performance of the other!

Download Real Estate Marketing Brochure

The below is an example of a "dark ad" not shown on the agent's timeline but still shown in buyers' Facebook Feeds, Instagram Feeds, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Video Feeds, Instagram Explor, Facebook Business Explore, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Messenger Stories, Instagram Reels, Facebook In-stream Videos, Facebook Search Results, Facebook Instant Articles, Audience Network - Native, banner and Interstitial and Audience Network Rewarded Videos... 

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