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Chat & Social Media Marketing

We add chat automation to your social media campaigns so that you can be two steps ahead of your competition. Our campaigns generate visible buzz on your posts and capture your leads rather than lose them to the next post in their feed.


Paid Ads & Search Campaigns

Be found by both passive and active audiences with paid social media ads and Google My Business featured content.

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Connect Chat Messaging To Campaigns

Spend more of your time generating new business instead of manually replying to the sheer volume of enquiries you'll get from working with us.

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Generate The Right Kind Of Leads

It's one thing to be seen. It's another to actually capture and qualify the lead and then get notified for the ones that matter the most to you.

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Why is chat marketing so important now?

Chat automation is about aligning your marketing to be more in sync with what consumers actually want and how they behave online today. Mobile messaging user rates have exploded and consumers love to engage with chat flows that are creative and provide value to them. When you combine two-way chat flows throughout your paid ads, web, SEO and content strategies, you build the volume and quality of relationships and increase conversion rates.

Chat automation also makes your targeting more intelligent because potential leads who engage with this sort of content are automatically segmented, retargeted and leveraged to create even more accurate lookalike audiences that help you find similar leads.

One-on-one messaging has become standard marketing now. It's how you build relationships immediately and avoid losing opportunities as they happen in real time. Nurture your leads to generate more leads and an edge over your competitors.

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Chat Marketing for us has been a game changer! The automated process of our ‘bot’ responding to our enquiries has helped save time but most importantly it’s providing our clients with first class customer service. People of today want a response now and that is exactly what Chat Marketing is all about.

The knowledge that Cyber Audience has to create ‘buzz’ posts for our Social Media platforms has raised our profile and taken us to a whole new level!

I highly recommend Pamela & her team if you are looking to become a stand out Agent.

Adam Walker, Real Estate Agent, Ray White Ararat

Having worked with Pamela now for the last few years, not only has she been completely professional and outstanding in her work, but her guidance, knowledge and ability to perfectly understand what we are aiming to achieve has been second to none.
Pamela has always made herself available to answer any questions and appreciate the constant communication and feedback.

I look forward to continuing to work with Pamela and her ongoing support in the future.

Damian Portaro, Real Estate Agent, Ray White Mildura

Very impressive, well structured presentation that was tailor made for us and our clients. We found that the pacing, interaction and the content were perfect. The succinct delivery of relevant content which was educational was the most impressive element. There was not a single point in the consultation that any of the team here thought it was a waste of our time - everything was relevant and very helpful. There were three of us in the consultation and we all had separate takeaways that we shared after the meeting. The main one we all shared was a new focus on the 'persona' of the target market and to understand the funnel of where our message needed to match the client. Could anything have been better? No.

Simon Tropea, Manager, Digital Elder

The word that comes to mind that best describes Cyber Audience is 'Integrity'. The working relationship with my Project Manager at Cyber Audience is very good - Pamela understands me well and is quick to grasp concepts unique to my industry. Before working with Cyber Audience, I was working with an American Adwords company who, in comparison, were hopeless and I was nervous to work with Cyber Audience in case they didn't know what they were doing. But luckily they were recommended by someone I trust. Having now worked with Cyber Audience going on 18 months, there is no comparison to other agencies or marketing experiences I’ve had - they are great. I have seen a return on my investment - we’ve built a substantial mailing list and continue building sales. I don’t know of anything that could have been better and the element I value the MOST about working with them is once again, integrity.

Ric Wallis, Owner, Photo Escapades

Pamela and Cyber Audience has been a tremendous help to my startup business " My Next Car Buying Advocacy". She has taken the time to truly understand me, my unique business and my long term objectives. With little marketing and social media knowledge behind me, she has helped me craft, guide and develop a Facebook and Instagram marketing strategy. Long term her assistance has assisted me in identifying and targeting my a various potential client groups and profiles that will maximise my reach, messaging, leads and conversions. Pamela is a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping my business grow and be successful. I highly recommend Pamela and Cyber Audience services to anyone wanting to take their social media marketing platform to the next level.

Richard Lipinski, Owner, My Next Car Buying Advocacy

Pamela is like a fairy that works away in the background to keep your social media healthy.
Her energy and passion is clearly demonstrated in the quality of her work. She provides sound and logical advice when dealing with adverse situations. She has helped us grow our profile significantly through quality content and strategic planning.
Pamela has earnt my highest recommendation because she has taken time to gain an understanding of our business, provides exceptional service, she is there looking after our interests when we can’t be and always delivers what she promises.
Thank you Pamela – you’re fantastic!

Nydia Jones, Manager Marketing, Communications and Research, CVGT Australia

Dave and the team at Safety Dave cannot express enough how valuable Pamela Crawford’s Cyberaudience social media expertise and knowledge has greatly assisted our business.

We would not hesitate in recommending Pamela and her team for your social media and in house training expertise. Staff gained new skills, extensive knowledge and have gone from strength to strength.

Dave Cooper, Managing Director, Safety Dave

Cyber Audience (Pamela Crawford) has done a number of educational presentations for me in a variety of different contexts about the use of Social Media in my field. Each time she has done this engagingly with useful practical application. The people who have been part of the training have consistently rated these sessions very highly. I would recommend her as a highly skilled and effective social media trainer/consultant.

Richard Condie, Anglican Bishop of Tasmania

Our Cyber Audience trainer (Pamela Crawford) has been an invaluable resource to our business since she has been coaching our team in social media marketing and strategy. Her insights regarding holistically linking marketing concepts, strategy roll out techniques with the science of social media are unique, creative and second-to-none. Pamela has excellent communication skills; her personable nature and ability to detail new and complex information meaningfully and transparently to a novice, means accessing a satisfying rate of learning is guaranteed.

Lee Bradshaw, In-House Producer & Artist Development, Bradshaw Music Productions

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About Cyber Audience

Cyber Audience is a Melbourne based agency made up of a team of specialists with a proven track record in each of their areas of expertise including chatbots, conversational psychology, web development, social media content, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and email marketing.

We focus on chat marketing integration into the full suite of digital specialty areas and can either provide each of these elements or simply build the chat marketing elements into your existing digital marketing activities.

Our approach is to work closely with each client to ensure that the overall digital strategy is optimised with opportunities for conversion into a seamless reporting relationship.