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Cyber Audience is a Melbourne based business servicing clients in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We specialise in management and training services for business and organisations who want to outsource their social media and content strategy or up-skill internal teams. Our social media strategy focuses on audience profiling and the art of creating accurate messaging for each profile. Our approach is analytical and iterative. Every activity is measured and the results analysed and strategy choices refined. We have no minimum contract periods on the basis that our services are results oriented. Clients need only continue using Cyber Audience services from month to month because they are enjoying the results and have complete satisfaction with the services we provide.

  • Planning

    Research & Development

  • Implementation

    Setup, Content Creation, Distribution & Marketing


    Measurement, Anaylsis & Adjustment

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    Reporting & Relationship

Our focus

The Pillars of Cyber Audience Strategy
Audience Profiling

Cyber Audience campaigns begin with target audiences and the development of customer psycho-graphic profiles. We focus on what they think, need and feel. Today’s culture means that customers have the power, not companies. Refusing to take the perspective of the customer means that brands are drowned out by all the noise and shunned by the very people they need. Cyber Audience changes that and delivers brands back into customer conversations.

Accurate Messaging

The only option in a noisy world is to create the right message for the right people and bypass those who were never going to convert. Once a brand is able to think like its customers, great content can begin to take shape. Customers expect brands to understand them and shun the ones who don’t. We focus on delivering precision messaging to the most valuable people.

Cyber Connections

Through the use of content outreach, search engines and social media advertising, our approach brings a brand to life and connects it with cyber audiences. Instead of companies watching the brave new cyber world from the sidelines, we enable brands to flourish, grow and reach the audiences they need. Cyber audiences are essential to modern day commercial survival. There is no need to feel scared or left behind…

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