Ecommerce Digital Marketing

If you’re selling on Shopify, lift your sales by giving your customers a better user experience from the beginning right through to post purchase follow up. Integrate chat marketing with your email, social and paid ad strategy and watch your conversions increase.

Capture leads before they're ready to buy and nurture them with email, chat and ad sequences. Answer customer queries instantly to avoid losing them to a competitor when they're searching for products like yours and then provide a post purchase service that will draw them back again and again.

It can be hard for businesses to imagine what this even looks like because very few chatbots in the marketplace do this well. Most are crude virtual assistants at best. But we're talking about sophisticated "chatting" with your community from the beginning of their journey right through to an ongoing relationship with your brand.

See how it works in even more detail by telling us about your context. We can then book a call to show you an example. There's nothing like seeing it in action!

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