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Impress vendors by adding chat marketing to your real estate posts. It helps you stand out as a market leader by increasing the engagement, reach and vendor results for your listings.

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Chat marketing increases the levels of engagement on your posts which in turn increases their reach and improves actual vendor results (greater buyer interest, competition, enquiries, buyers at open homes and inspection requests).

It does this by creating conversations right from the posts themselves which stops people scrolling further onto other posts. The chat thread then invites deeper engagement in meaningful actions all which are achieved in the pop-up conversation window.

Buyers can get addicted to your marketing because they can get exclusive content in these pop-up chats about new listings - not even on the market yet - with just a single comment or a tap of the button. This creates loyal social media communities and more eyeballs on your listings.

The heightened activity on each of your posts also creates public buzz on your listings because people see that others are interested in the property which then draws even more interest. Sellers see this buzz and are excited by your marketing.

What does one of these chats look like?

▶Click here to see what an actual chat thread looks like in action for our next gen lead gen for real estate agents!

Better Engagement

The conversational layers we build on top of your posts draw people to "chat" with you rather than scroll on to the next shiny post in their feeds. When more people comment on your posts it creates public buzz which then draws more and more engagement and interest to your listings. Your vendors love to see this.

Better Reach

When your posts have high engagement levels, your ads obtain wider and more relevant reach. This cannot be achieved by force because no matter how much money you throw at ads, Facebook protects people from low quality ads. Achieving better reach and engagement positions you as a market leader which attracts more vendors.

Better Vendor Results

Ultimately, our strategy gets your vendors better sale results, not just better social media results. We're talking about:

- greater buyer interest
- more competition on listings
- more online enquiries
- more buyers at open homes
- more inspection requests

Better Reputation

Higher engagement on your ads also strengthens the reputation of your both your brand Page and Ad Account as it grows in followers. This is not only important for attracting new vendors, it also protects you from ad spend wastage over time. Facebook learns that your page and posts are "wanted" by the public so you get access to higher quality audiences and pay less to reach them now and in future campaigns.

Higher Value Leads

Impressing existing vendors with your marketing is just the start. By increasing reach and engagement with your ads, we create more opportunities for potential sellers to request appraisals or owners to express interest in property management services - all directly from your listing ads. Without chat marketing, not only might you miss out on better quality buyer leads, you might also miss out on seeing if they're sellers.

Lead Management

We understand that your team needs to concentrate on nurturing your most important leads rather than sending the same information to hundreds of buyers. When you work with us, the number of buyer leads increases so we save you time by helping you manage most of these enquiries. We notify you of important conversations so your time is protected.

Better Data - Better Audiences

Not only does our "chat layer" bring you buyer and seller leads, it also helps us see back end data about who they are. We can then use that data to make your audiences more intelligent over time. These audiences become one of your most valuable marketing assets.

Service Elements and Partnership Fit

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