Add Chat Marketing to your Real Estate Posts (Premier Listing Promotions!)

Real Estate professionals can increase their annual CGI with our next gen lead generation system that include PREMIER LISTINGS WITH CHAT MARKETING

While our classic promotions continue to achieve results day in and day out for our clients, much of their success can't be seen by potential vendors as the results are private - only to be seen by each real estate professional's actual vendor for that listing.

However, agents can attract new vendors by including our "Premier" listing promotions into the mix. The engagement levels on these posts are much more visible due to our layer of chat marketing added on to social media posts. These layers increases engagement significantly and  potential vendors can watch it unfold, get excited by your marketing strategies and want you do the same for them.

 See it in action - watch how April chooses Jason to sell her home after she sees a "Premier" listing on Jason's socials

How does it work?

Chat marketing increases the levels of engagement on posts which in turn increases their reach and improves actual vendor results (greater buyer interest, competition, enquiries, buyers at open homes and inspection requests).

It does this by creating conversations right from the posts themselves which stops people scrolling further onto other posts. The chat thread then invites deeper engagement in meaningful actions all which are achieved in the pop-up conversation window.

Buyers can get addicted to your marketing because they can get exclusive content in these pop-up chats about new listings - not even on the market yet - with just a single comment or a tap of the button. This creates loyal social media communities and more eyeballs on your listings.

The heightened activity on each of your posts also creates public buzz on your listings because people see that others are interested in the property which then draws even more interest. Sellers see this buzz and are excited by your marketing.

What does one of these chats look like?

▶Click here to see what an actual chat thread looks like in action for our next gen lead gen for real estate agents!

Better Vendor Results

Our Premier listing promotions get great vendor sale results, not just better social media results. We're talking about posts that turn buyer interest into appraisal requests and excited vendors because of the following:

  • greater buyer interest
  • more competition on listings
  • more online enquiries
  • more buyers at open homes
  • more inspection requests

Better Engagement

Chat marketing makes it easy for people to see more information about your listings simply by commenting keywords on your posts. When more people comment on your posts it generates public buzz which your vendors love to see on their properties. More buyer engagement means more opportunities for buyers to become sellers. We make the transition frictionless in the chat threads. 

Better Reach

Another benefit of increasing engagement levels on your social posts means that your campaigns obtain wider and more relevant reach. This is because Facebook rewards popular content. So consistently achieving high reach and engagement levels on your listings means your ad spend goes further and positions you as a market leader which attracts more vendors. More reach means your brand in front of more sellers.Better Vendor Results

Better Quality Leads

By increasing reach and engagement with your ads, we create more opportunities for leads to take action and to show you that they're also sellers. Leads can easily request appraisals and book appointments to discuss your property management services directly from your social media chat flows. Without a chat layer on your posts, high value seller leads might be missed altogether. Don't miss buyers who are also potential vendors.

Lead Management

When you work with us, the number of buyer leads inevitably increases so we save you time by helping you manage the bulk of these online enquiries. We either respond to the queries directly or notify you of important conversations that need you or your team to answer. It's an enormous time saver to not have to constantly check your social inboxes. Spend your time talking to high value vendors instead of low value enquiries.

All Ads Perform Better - Not Just Premier Listings

When you add Premier listing promotions into the mix, all your ads perform better because Facebook and Instagram recognise your content and ads as highly valuable due to the elevated engagement levels. So you reap the benefits in your other promotions!

Partnership Fit

We only partner with a single office or agent in each suburb or territory. So we seek partnerships that are characterised by relational & effective communication as well as a desire for excellence & growth. 

Our real estate partners must:

  • provide high quality listing assets for featured promotions
  • have a budget of at least $100 ad spend per premier or highlight listing
  • commit to onboarding training & provide required access
  • comply with platform policies & data privacy laws

Does this sound like you?

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