Office Page Spotlights & Team Coaching

If you want an office page that looks great but your agents are running their own social media pages, then you may not want to duplicate all of their featured listings on your office page. If this is the case, we help out with a strategy that makes your office page look great while avoiding direct duplication of your featured listings.

Weekly Spotlights

We do this by publishing "listing spotlights" on your office page. Spotlights are a weekly selection of your best "for sale" and "for lease" properties chosen directly from your recent website listings.

These posts send traffic to your website and are designed to put your business in the best light. They can be optionally promoted to keep your office page healthy. 

Additional Community Content Training

We also provide coaching to your internal team on how to create additional content from the ground that represents your values and highlights your team and your community.

Getting these posts right will make a world of difference to how your office page is seen by your community.

See more spotlight examples for an office page below...


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