Should I Choose "Timeline" or "Ad Only" Premier Promotions?

What's the difference between a "Timeline" or an "Ad Only" Premier Promotion and when should I choose each one?

"Timeline" promotions are published on your social Pages and are connected to chat threads and your chatbot. You should always choose these if it's a PRE-market sneak peek because they create lots of buzz and you want this on your timeline!

"Ad Only" promotions do not appear on your timelines but they have some advantages of "Timeline" posts because they can access ad placements that posts cannot. So you can reach people on platforms that posts wouldn't be able to reach. Rather than connect people to chat threads, they send people to your website so they're great for building your website traffic. They are a great option when you have a full release (post-market) promotion but you don't want it on your timeline (perhaps because you have too much content there already!).


It's helpful to choose a selection of both types over time as there are benefits in running both type of Premier Promotions e.g. access to different placement types.